About Us

Dexcom Solutions is an indigenous company providing services primarily in the Niger Delta, Nigeria. We are based in Port Harcourt, the hub of the petroleum industry in Nigeria, with an international office in the UK. We provide services in Environmental management, Waste management, Oil spill response and remediation, Operations support, Water and wastewater treatment and Facilities development.

Our services include designing and implementing Environmental Management Systems to improve environmental performance. As part of our environmental management services we conduct Environmental Studies: Impact Assessment, Risk Assessment and Environmental Audits.

As part of our waste management services we identify innovative and practical ways to improve waste management systems. By utilising comprehensive waste auditing and monitoring services we are able to provide clients with accurate and relevant data that can be used to develop and implement effective waste and solid wastes management plans and strategies.

Dexcom Solutions offer oil spill clean up services using a combination of remediation methods. We utilise thermal, biological and physico-chemical processes such as bioremediation, booms, skimmers and chemical recovery systems for containment, remediation and oil recovery.

Dexcom Solutions design, install and maintain wastewater and sewage treatment facilities. We provide effluent monitoring and comprehensive analytical services for water and wastewater treatment.

We provide services in facilities development as roads, water, building, drainage and other construction projects.

Dexcom Solutions offer sale, maintenance and distribution services for a whole range of products. We have a reliable sales department for the marketing of products using our extensive contacts and distribution network in the petroleum industry, government and private sectors