Oil spill response and remediation

Clean up and Remediation of Oil Pollution
In recent years we have successfully carried out clean up and remediation projects in the Ogoni and Niger Delta region of Nigeria for Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC). We utilise a combination of physico-chemical techniques, including, booms, skimmers, evacuation and bioremediation in the treatment of polluted sites and the result, a phenomenal recovery of contaminated sites to arable farm lands and clean waters or swamps for aquatic life.

Emergency Oil Spill Response and Remediation
Dexcom Solutions have demonstrated a high level of professionalism in oil spill response and remediation. Our dedicated spill response team are fully trained and equipped to control land, swamps and off –shore oil pollution incidents.
With our highly experienced and professional partners, we draw on experience in spill response since 1958, covering such high profile spillages as:

Emergency Spill Kits
We provide emergency in-shore and off-shore skimmers

We supply

Dexcom Solutions also offer various technologies for immobilisation of oil spills and toxic chemicals.

Environmental Management

Corporate responsibility can be achieved when environmental, social and economic strategies are embedded into an organisation's management systems.
Dexcom Solutions have extensive experience in the preparation and implementation of practical and cost-effective Environmental Management Systems that are designed to achieve real benefits and costs savings.

Assessing environmental performance is essential when looking to demonstrate a high level of regulatory compliance. Our qualified experts undertake various types of assessments such as:-

Wastes Management

Recycling and Recovery Services
Dexcom Solutions offers a comprehensive analysis of waste stream for best recycling solutions. Our approach to materials recycling is firmly built on the principles of economic and environmental sustainability.
We provide a collection bins, carts, and containers for recycling services.  We play a key role with you in protecting and restoring the environment.

Waste to energy Services
At Dexcom, we're always thinking green - especially when it comes to creating alternative energy solutions. We provide waste to energy solutions for alternative energy, providing clean, renewable energy and saving space in local landfills. We also offer landfill gas-to-energy technology, which minimize emissions of greenhouse gases as well as generate alternative energy, and waste oil to diesel technology, generating diesel fuel from waste oil.

Solid wastes management
Dexcom Solution collects municipal wastes for delivery to landfills. In collaboration with our partners, we provide waste transportation vehicles and equipment for collection of wastes from various waste dumps within the Port Harcourt municipality to designated landfills.

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Water filtration and treatment allow water sources such as wells, rivers, lakes and streams to be used where raw water quality would normally not meet required standards. Wastewater filtration and treatment reduce plant water expenses by cleaning wastewater to permit its re-use.  Wastewater can be re-conditioned to make it suitable for use as process water or for use in cooling, fire fighting, washing and other plant activities.

Dexcom provides water and wastewater treatment services and technology. We supply water treatment chemicals, pumps, pipes and other equipment from variety of manufacturers. We install and maintain wastewater and sewage treatment facilities and provide effluent monitoring and comprehensive analytical services for water and wastewater treatment.

We offer technology and services for:

Safety Accessories

PPE of all sizes, types and variations such Safety Shoes, Coveralls, Helmet, Safety Boats, eye goggles, ear mufflers, hand gloves etc. Gas monitors and analyzers, aerosol and noise monitors.